Sun 28 May Bangalow - North Coast Jazz Festival Preview Concert feat. Coolangubra

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The Northern Rivers Conservatorium Arts Centre Inc announces a special

North Coast Jazz Festival Preview Concert

Coolangubra and Mr Percival

Film footage of the 2005 Nth Coast Jazz Fest

Video Clip of one of Australia's most exciting emerging acts:

TRUE LIVE, described by Melbourne’s PBS and RRR as ‘The best live band in Melbourne playing at this year's festival....

Sunday 28th May Bangalow A & I Hall,
Doors open 5pm for Show at 5.30pm
Tickets $15/$10 at the door only.
Free Entry to Festival (Three day)Ticket Holders (bring your ticket as proof)
Food and Drinks Available


With three of Australia's finest musicians, Coolangubra represents expressive and sublime music - music that extols the heart, emotive power, and beauty of the landscapes and country from which these musicians take their inspiration. With Cleis Pearce on violin, Greg Sheehan on percussion, and Steve Berry on guitar, Coolangubra is an acoustic instrumental trio that explores a style entirely its own.

Mr Percival (aka Darren Percival) is more than a singer; he is a Vocalite.

Armed with a couple of mics and the looping pedals Mr Percival takes the audience through many lands, vocal styles, stories, indigenous sound-scapes, grooves and into outer space. With one of the most incredible voices in the world, you too can find out why audiences flock to see Mr Percival.

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