Jan 8-13 Lake Ainsworth - Rhythm Konnections 10th annual African drum and dance camp

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African Drum and Dance Camp

Rhythm Konnections 10th Anniversary
held at Lennox Head on the Beach and shores of Lake Ainsworth

4 awesome African teachers from 3 African Countries includes
Vocals and singing with Valanga Khoza from South Africa
Drumming with Pape M'baye from Senegal West Africa
Drumming and Dance with Congolese born King Bell
and dancing with Master dancer/drummer Lamine Sonko also from Senegal

For more info and registration go to:
or call 0266857927 for a brochure


Sun 7 Jan Ipswich - Blessings from the Buddha for the Dawning of Year 2007

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With the courtesy of Srilankan Buddhist Temple Yoga Studio Nada has arranged the Evening of Devotion Celebrating for the Beginning of New Year 2007 and passing over the meritorious deeds throughout the last year.
Everyone is warmly welcome to part take in this occasion

The proceedings are as follows

Please arrive at 18:30
Arrival of Monks at 7pm
Short talk about event by the Monks
Short guided Meditation
Piritra Chanting for blessing by the Noble Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)
Cup of Tea and informal discussion with Monks
Departure of Monks at 21:00

Please let us know how to arrange your sitting accommodation
Bring a plate of fruit dried or fresh to share
Monks do not eat food or drink milk after 7pm

Sandra Kovac (Jyoti)
Coordinator of Yoga Studio Nada
H: (07) 33899 334
W: 041101 5991


Sat 6 Jan Maleny - Lothlorien (Contemporary Celtic World Fusion)

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Contemporary Celtic World Fusion


31 Maple Street, Maleny.
Saturday 6th January
Music starts at 8pm. $12/10 Entry.



Jan 5-7 Sandgate - Music By The Sea Festival 2007

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Dear music lover

Music By The Sea Festival will once again bring quality performers to Sandgate.

The 5th Festival runs from 5th to 7th January 2007.

There will be six major ticketed concerts in the Sandgate Town Hall with free performances at the Festival Club (Sandgate Community Center, 153 Rainbow St. Sandgate).

The 2007 Festival will feature James Morrison and Joe Chindamo on stage, Jeff Lang, Simon Tedeschi, Trish O’Brien and Gareth Koch, the Santana Project, Sarah Hopkins (and) Chris Neville, CODA, Hottentots, Michael Fix, The Ghost, Donald Hall, Elwyn Henaway, StoneHouse, Anthony Garcia, Andre Reginato and Kooii.

For full program visit the festival website - www.musicbythesea.com.au/festival

Concert tickets - perfect Christmas present for your loved ones.

Bookings can be made through 4MBS Ticketing

Phone - 3847 1717 (9 to 5, seven days a week)

Music By The Sea would like to thank all who supported the 2006 concert series.

Merry Christmas


Dec 27 - Jan 1 Woodford Folk Festival - Taro & Shen @ Woodford

So the concert-tour part of Taro's inaugural Australian tour has come to a close, and we now move on to the final part - WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL!!!

Taro & I will be performing 5 times in the official program schedule, as follows:

Thur 28thFolkloricaMasters of the Winds10.00am
Sat 30thFolkloricaMusic Traditions of India9.30am
Sat 30thFolkloricaDancing Krishna's Flute7.35pm
Sun 31stFolkloricaSacred New Year9.10pm
Mon 1stHilltopHilltop New Year Sunrise4.30am

We're especially looking forward to the New Year's Dawn gig!

I will also be performing with Menaka Viswanathan from 8.30am on Thursday 28th for her Morning Bhajans set.

Also look out for some chalkboard gigs - hoping to arrange 1 or 2 EthnoSuperLounge slots plus a tabla performance with other tabla players at the festival.

Merry Christmas!!!


Jambezi, Gritty Pearls @ Woodford

ESL Friends @ Woodford

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Hi everyone,
Just letting you know that Jambezi will be playing 3 gigs at the Woodford Folk Festival this year. We are thrilled to have Linsey Pollack (sax), Malcolm Wood (trumpet), Matt Hill (guitar) and Tony Kicken (vocals) performing with us this year so it's gonna to be big!

Gig times are
Fri 29th 11pm Chai Tent
Sat 30th 5pm The Grande (Big Top) and again that night at 11pm in the Chai Tent.
Our CD will also be available at the festival shop.

And don't forget to catch the funky roving percussion trolley Sprocket on the streets...I can't give you set times but we'll be hitting the streets as of the 28th anytime after dusk

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful new year ahead.
With love

Posted on behalf of Gritty Pearls...

Happy Holidays Everybody
Well The Gritty Pearls finally have our first CD! Yay!

An EP to be exact 6 delightful tracks going for a song... $15

And we are launching it firstly at Woodford at The Duck and Shovel, so we can sell the cd's from the stage, no gst or added taxes!
We are also part of a huge line-up for the 80's singalong

Fri 29th 12.30pm @ Duck & Shovel - EP Launch
Sat 30th 11pm @ Concert Stage - 80s Singalong

So if you're at Woodford check the dates, write them in your diary, circle them on your program and come on down!
We are doing another launch in Brisbane in the Noo Year

Also get on the Gritty Pearls noozletter! We wont sell your details we promise!

Lots of love and Happy song filled Holidays
from The Gritty Pearls
Erin, Juliet, Rosalind and Yani


Fri 22 Dec Pomona - qwerty

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Ric Halstead & Linsey Pollak duo

Friday 22nd December, 7.30pm
The Futures Centre
Pavilion St, Pomona
(past Pomona Showground & at the very end of Pavilion St).
admission: $10

Don't miss this special night of music!!

qwerty is the amazing improvising wordsmith Peter Rowe
with facilitated communication and soaring vocals by Terri Delaney
live looping of WX5 windsyth by Linsey Pollak
and live camera projection and vision mix by Chris Peckham.

The process that occurs between the three artists is a first in Australia and more than likely a first worldwide. It is performance and musical risk taking in the extreme.
The lyricist, Peter Rowe has minimal verbal communication skills and uses facilitated communication (FC) to communicate with others. FC is a mode of assisted communication using a board with letters, numbers and some words on it, very similar to the set up on a computer keyboard.

It is on this board that Peter writes the lyrics. He improvises completely new songs by pointing to letters on the board that are read by Terri. This is done at breakneck speed that takes considerable practice and rapport. The words that Peter taps out are read and then sung by Terri. (Think about it a bit…….Peter is totally improvising a complete concert of song text, and……as Terri sings the words that Peter writes she is simultaneously reading the next ones). Her melodies are totally improvised in response to the music that Linsey is creating by improvising and “live looping” (playing, recording and building up complex layers of various sounds) using his WX5 (a midi windsynth).

All three artists agree that this is one of the most extraordinary projects that any of them have worked on…..they describe it as a process where the sense of self becomes blurred. The ego is consumed by the necessity of absolute group focus. It is improvisation in its purist form, where each performer must let go of any expectations or preconceptions. There must be no fear when stepping off the edge. It is a process that is undeniably liberating for the three performers.

When qwerty walk on the stage they don’t know where the performance will go. They have no idea of the song content or the musical style, let alone such details as key or time signature. Audiences are certainly taken on quite a journey, sometimes emotional, sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical, often intense and always musically eclectic. It is difficult for some people to accept that it all is being totally created in this way before their eyes and ears. Some people particularly find it difficult to understand and believe the process of Facilitated Communication. However it’s real…….extraordinary, but real

'Few experiences are as deserving of being labeled 'A MUST' in the entertainment world as Qwerty. With sublime aesthetic, playful dynamic and infinite imagination, this ever-ready team of improvisers challenge the moment, themselves and their audience on the threshold between necessary thought provocation and pure raw emotion. They have been a catalyst for more tears, laughter, hope and inspiration than I've ever seen in an audience. The reason is because their work is disarmingly real in every sense of our perception and its reflection on our existence. It is quite simply evolutionary art.'
Carl Pannuzzo

The Ric Halstead & Linsey Pollak duo will provide the first half of the night's entertainment.
This is uniquely original music featuring the liquid sound of Ric's tenor and soprano saxophones soaring and improvising over looped grooves on Linsey's windsynth "Lyrebird".


Dec 21-22 Brisbane - Taro Terahara Home/Temple Concerts

Taro Terahara has been wowing audiences all around our region on his first Australian tour. If you've missed those concerts, don't miss this chance to hear this wonderful Indian classical bansuri player in intimate home and temple concerts this week - his last concerts in Brisbane on this tour. This kind of music is best heard in such intimate settings, as those who attended the fabulous home concert hosted by Indian Times editor Umesh Chandra on Saturday will attest. The West End home concert on Thursday will feature a special collaboration with Guinean kora player Lansana Camara, while the Temple concert on Friday will be held in a beautiful devotional atmosphere. Don't miss out!!!

in collaboration with Lansana Camara (kora, vocals) from Guinea (bio below)

Time: 7pm

Venue: 15 Cordeaux St, West End

By Donation
Bookings & Info: Shen 0415-106428


Time: 7.30pm

Sai Saileshwara Mandir

1614 Sandgate Rd Virginia
By Donation
Bookings & Info: Dan 0423-831660

Taro Terahara is one of the leading musicians in the thriving and highly competitive Indian classical music scene in Japan. Having played various wind instruments since childhood he took his initial training in bansuri with Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s senior Japanese disciple, Hiroshi Nakagawa, followed by lessons in India with Pandit Hari-ji himself. In recent years he has been taking instruction from Amit Roy, a sitar disciple of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee.

Taro’s music comfortably spans the full range from contemplative soulful alaap (slow non-rhythmic introduction) to exciting, rhythmic jhala (fast-paced finale). He has a great command of sur (tuning) and lay (timing), with the ability to compose innovative taans and tihais on the spur of the moment, yet all of this is tempered by a beautiful humility and devotion to the mood and spirit of the raga. His music both engages the mind and touches the heart.

Lansana Camara is from a long line of musicians on both his mother's and father's sides of the family. A talented multi-instrumentalist, he will delight you with beautiful traditional West African songs played on the Kora. His melodious voice is a beautiful accompaniment to its captivating sound. The Mandinka kora is a unique instrument with a harp-like appearance and a notched bridge similar to that of a lute or guitar. It is sometimes known as the African Harp.

Shen Flindell's tabla playing is noted for his clear sound, comfortable rhythmic sense, intuitive accompaniment, wide repertoire, adept bayan (bass) and a feeling of sincere devotion to Guru, Saraswati, Music and Tabla, thanks to many blessings from his Guru-ji Pt. Ashutosh Bhattacharya of Varanasi. Since 2002, Shen has been jointly based in Japan, India and Australia, and has performed with leading Indian classical artists in all three countries, including Smt. Raka Mukherjee and Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan.