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Posted on behalf of Jambezi...

Hi everyone,
Just letting you know that Jambezi will be playing 3 gigs at the Woodford Folk Festival this year. We are thrilled to have Linsey Pollack (sax), Malcolm Wood (trumpet), Matt Hill (guitar) and Tony Kicken (vocals) performing with us this year so it's gonna to be big!

Gig times are
Fri 29th 11pm Chai Tent
Sat 30th 5pm The Grande (Big Top) and again that night at 11pm in the Chai Tent.
Our CD will also be available at the festival shop.

And don't forget to catch the funky roving percussion trolley Sprocket on the streets...I can't give you set times but we'll be hitting the streets as of the 28th anytime after dusk

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful new year ahead.
With love

Posted on behalf of Gritty Pearls...

Happy Holidays Everybody
Well The Gritty Pearls finally have our first CD! Yay!

An EP to be exact 6 delightful tracks going for a song... $15

And we are launching it firstly at Woodford at The Duck and Shovel, so we can sell the cd's from the stage, no gst or added taxes!
We are also part of a huge line-up for the 80's singalong

Fri 29th 12.30pm @ Duck & Shovel - EP Launch
Sat 30th 11pm @ Concert Stage - 80s Singalong

So if you're at Woodford check the dates, write them in your diary, circle them on your program and come on down!
We are doing another launch in Brisbane in the Noo Year

Also get on the Gritty Pearls noozletter! We wont sell your details we promise!

Lots of love and Happy song filled Holidays
from The Gritty Pearls
Erin, Juliet, Rosalind and Yani

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