Fri 4 May BEMAC - Lebanon to India

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Friday 4 May 2007
BEMAC 'Cultivart Series 2007' presents
'Lebanon to India'

Join Mirna Nehme and Rahim Zullah, as they transport you from Lebanon to India with melodies of Lebanese classical folkloric songs and Indian spiritual tradition.

Mirna Nehme from a Lebanese background, a singer and pianist with a unique style of performing Arabic classical music and opera favourites. Mirna's performance will be followed by Rahim Zullah, a renowned master of Indian music in Brisbane, who collaborates a combination of his exceptional voice and extensive harmonium melodies.

Venue: BEMAC Indoor Space, Yungaba 120 Main Street, Kangaroo Point
Time: 8.00pm
Tickets: $16 full Price / $14 concessions / $12 BEMAC members
Bookings: Phone BEMAC on 33914433

Ana Barassi
Arts Development Coordinator
Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre - BEMAC
Phone: 07 3391 4433
Fax: 07 3391 2802
Mobile: 0400 135 597
PO Box 7299
e-mail: arts@bemac.org.au
Website: www.bemac.org.au


Sun 29 Apr Mermaid Beach - Spankinhide with Yeshe

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Spankinhide @ Three Worlds on the Gold Coast

Sunday April 29th.

Three Worlds

2558 Gold Coast Highway

Mermaid Beach

7.30pm $12

Spankinhide is what we’re called,

Spankin hide’s is what we do!

Totally hardcore African rhythm ensemble,

cranking out traditional grooves with the sole purpose of creating kick-arse dance music.

We’ll be joined by talented singer and mbira player Yeshe.

These will be intimate gigs, more like a party than a performance. Just bring your smile and your dancing feet!


Apr 28/29 West End - Drum Making Workshop

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Drum making workshop

The motivation for offering drum making workshops is to provide the opportunity for people to put their own energy into creating their drum. By making one’s own drum with one’s own hands a strong connection is developed. The process also works to empower the budding drumming to maintain their drum, keeping it in tune and in good condition.

In truth to call this “drum-making” is slightly inaccurate, in that the drum shells offered by Talkin’ the Drum are carved in Africa, in the West African countries Mali, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Therefore it is in fact ‘drum skinning’ that is offered. The carving of a log into a drum shell is a more involved process and the drum shells from Africa are of the ideal type of timber and carved by hands that have mastered the process over countless generations. I select these shells from 100’s and hand pick them for sound quality. The drums vary in size and quality, depending upon their origin.

One concern many people have is that by doing it yourself the drum may not be made to the same standard as if constructed by a professional. However, I have developed a step-by-step process that ensures a professional outcome every time, helping each drum reach its potential. Only the best materials are used and no short cuts taken.

Below is a list of drum types and their costs. These costs cover all materials and personal instruction in the making of African djembe drums.

Malian (top of the range) = $600
Ivory Coast = $500
Ghanian = $450
Medium sized Ghanian = $400.

Availability of shells is limited and it is therefore necessary to register interest asap.

The dates for the workshop are April 28th OR 29th AND May 12th OR 13th.

For further information contact Elliott – 0407 372 554.


Fri 27 Apr Bangalow - Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islanders) - Repeat Show!!!

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Ku Promotions announcing an EXTRA show for

Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islanders)

This show will raise funds to help those affected by the Recent Solomon Island Earthquake and Tsunami.

New date Friday April 27th

A & I Hall Bangalow

Doors open 7.00 for Show at 7.30pm

Tix at the door only

Tix $20 /$15, children under 12 $10, under 6 Free Pls bring a cushion 4 them

Delicious curry, snax and drinks.. Coffee Oasis

Last Friday night 400+ people, experienced a truly traditional Pacific Island performance by a group, that are the best from that region, that You will ever see!!!!

This is a beautiful story to touch the hearts of our community.

The Narasirato Pan Pipers are subsistence farmers and fishermen. They live on one of the most remote islands within the Solomon Islands, at the end of a mangrove swamp on the southern end of Malaita Island.

They are one of the few tribes who haven't succumbed to selling their logging rights to the Malaysian Govt.

Because of their determination to retain autonomy from the government, they have embarked on a Culture House Tour with the aim of raising the money needed to construct a house of culture for their village. Between this worthwhile cause and their world class show this will be a must-see performance for all the family to enjoy.

This tour will also feature the release of their first CD “Cry of the Ancestors”, a seventeen track CD featuring the best of their expansive music repertoire.

The track My Culture is my Life has just gone to no 1 in the ABC Asia/Pacific charts!! The young singer on this track is undoubtedly a star!

The nine member Narasirato pan pipers have astounded audiences worldwide. They present a mix of powerful and haunting traditional Are’ Are’ pan pipe Playing with elaborate islander dance and costumes. They even pay tribute to their love of reggae in some of the songs.

The Narasirato feature unique bamboo instruments including thong-o-phones, stomping tubes, pan pipes, and megga bass pipes, along with soaring vocals and exquisite island harmonies. All music is played while performing intricate dance choreographies in their bare traditional custom dress.

They were the hit of the Queensland Music Festival last year and they have also performed at festivals in England, Taipai, New Zealand, and Canada. www.narasirato.com

For more information please contact:

ku promotions ph: 66 847 921 Mob: 0412 140 320

kupromo@bigpond.net.au.......... www.kupromotions.com.au

Fri 27 Apr Broadbeach - Tashi Lhunpo Monks

Posted on behalf of Ken Jacob Promos...

The Dalai Lama's Monks visit the Gold Coast.

Ken Jacob and The Art of Mother Earth together with the Dalai Lama's Office proudly present the famed multiphonic singers of Tibet's Tashi Lhunpo Monastery on Friday 27th April at 7.30pm.

The Tashi Lhunpo Monks will perform their unique style of singing, the monks simultaneously intone three different notes. They will also play traditional Tibetan instruments such as 10-foot-long dung-chen horns, drums, bells, cymbals and gyaling trumpets.

They will be accompanied by Tibetan musician and singer Tenzin Choegyal who will also perform traditional Tibetan folk music. Audiences will be moved by the composition of Tenzin Choegyal’s music and the risks he takes with rhythm and structure. Playing traditional Tibetan musical instruments and joined by the chanting monks, Tenzin draws on his traditional Tibetan roots to create music which expresses his thoroughly modern life. Since his world music debut in 1997 in Australia, Tenzin’s cantering rhythms, soaring vocals and flute have enchanted audiences around the globe.

"Tashi Lhunpo was founded by H.H. the 1st Dalai Lama, Gyalwa Gendun Drup, in 1447. It is one of the four great monasteries of Central Tibet which was supervised and looked after by the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas and has the glory of producing thousands of renowned scholars in the field of Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy. After the invasion of Tibet in 1959, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery was re-established at Bylakuppe in South India in 1972. The monastery has monks coming from Tibet and Himalayan regions like Spithi, Khunu, Ladakh, Ghashar and Sangkhar. At present there are over 250 monks including many Tulkus (reincarnate lamas). The monks have to go through a year intensive program of study of both sutra and tantra, debate, and are instructed in the creation of sand mandalas and butter sculpture, ritual performance, music, chanting, dance and basic literary skills in Tibetan and English. Each monk must also complete a two to three month meditation retreat for each of the principal deities and protectors, in order to qualify to perform their rituals. The cycle of retreats might take up to six years to complete.

The Tashi Lhunpo Monks will be performing on Friday 27th April at the Albert Waterways Community Centre, cnr Sunshine & Hooker Blvds, Broadbeach, (directly behind Pacific Fair next to the library) at 7.30pm - cost $20 + b/fee.

For enquiries and ticketing:
Website: www.earth.net.au
Email: events@earth.net.au
Telephone 0438 945 766

Ken Jacob
PO Box 411
West Burleigh
QLD 4219
Tel 07 5533 8960
Fax 07 5533 8961
Email: ken@kjpromo.com.au
Web: www.kjpromo.com.au

Apr 12-21 - Sacred Earth Tour (Brisbane, Maleny, Coolum, Byron, Gold Coast, Bellingen)

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Sacred Earth Tour

Thursday 12th April
Brisbane Arts Theatre
Petrie Terrace, Brisbane
730pm $25+b/f
Ticketing: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

Friday 13th April
Maleny Community Centre
Maple Street
730pm $20+b/f
Ticketing: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

Sunday 15th April
Coolum Civic Centre
Park Street, Coolum Beach
730pm $20+b/f
Ticketing: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

Thursday 19th April
Byron Bay Community Centre
Jonson Street, Byron Bay
730pm $25+b/f
Ticketing: 0754 999 579 www.earth.net.au

Friday 20th April
Albert Waterways Community Centre
Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast
730pm $25+b/f
Ticketing: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

Saturday 21st April
Bellingen Memorial Hall
730pm $25+b/f
Ticketing: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

Sacred Earth

Uplifting songs of devotion from the divine voice of Prem Aliyah Williams soars above warm resonant strings.She shares her heart felt devotion for spirit and Mother Earth through mantra and songs from the heart.

World class instrumentalist Jethro Williams, plays an array of flutes including Shakuhachi,Indian Bansuri,Irish tin and Low whistles. He also shares with us beautiful acoustic guitar melodies and deep warm vocals. Their unique sound is tied together with a gentle soothing ethnic percussion.

A heart opening and deeply inspiring performance


Fri 20 Apr Sth Bris - Tenzin Choegyal & Tashi Lhunpo Monks

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Rigpa Brisbane Presents:
Compassionate Mandala Tour
Tenzin Choegyal & Tashi Lhunpo Monks of Tibet in Exile

When : Friday 20th April 2007
Where: Saint Mary's Church, South Brisbane, corner of Peel Street and Merivale Street.
Time: 7pm for 7.30 pm start.
Entry fee: $15 and $12 (Con) Children under 15 free

Please Circulate this to your friends too.

If you want to check more about the tour please check http://www.tenzinchoegyal.com/upcoming-events.htm

The performances of the Compassionate Mandala Tour include the famed multi-phonic chanting, fascinating monastic ritual dances and the extraordinary voice and sounds of Tenzin Choegyal.

Best of all, the Compassionate Mandala Tour will be raising funds for the exiled Tashi Lhunpo monks and the Tibetan Children's Village.

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery is seat of the Panchen Lama, the second most important spiritual leader of Tibet and was founded by His Holiness the First Dalai Lama in 1447. The Communist Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1959 and the subsequent Cultural Revolution wreaked havoc on the monastery which lost many precious scriptures, statues and images. Many monks were killed or imprisoned and those who remained could not practice their religion freely. In 1972, under the patronage of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery was re-established in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka and over 250 monks now live and study there in exile.


Fri 20 Apr BEMAC - “Evening of the Sitars”

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Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre
Stopover Series

“Evening of the Sitars”
Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee

Special guests: Shrabani Choudhury & Dheeraj Shrestha

BEMAC Performance Space,
Yungaba, 120 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee is a highly regard name among Indian musicians as an outstanding Sitarist and teacher of Indian Classical Music. After performing extensively around the globe, Pandit is coming to Brisbane to perform for Brisbane’s world music lovers.
Pandit has performed at major festivals and activities around the world including the Inter Cultural School in Venice, Lowell Folk Festival in the USA and the Arts Festival in Canada. He has been honored with many awards throughout his illustrious career including the 'President’s Award' as an outstanding Sitar player and an award as “National Scholar of Music” for his contributions to the promotion of Indian Classical Music. Playing Sitar is the passion and devotion of his life.
Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee will be accompanied by renowned local artists, Shrabani Choudhury on Sitar and Dheeraj Shrestha on Tabla. Both Shrabani and Dheeraj consider this opportunity to play with Pandit as a privilege and an honor.

Tickets $16 – (concession and BEMAC member discounts available).
Bookings phone (07) 33914433.

Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre is a non-profit organization fostering cultural diversity through and within the spectrum of arts practice.
We acknowledge the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Multicultural Affairs.
and by the Federal Government through Australia Council for the Arts.


Bronte Morris
3391 4433 / 0400 135 597


Fri 20 Apr Bangalow - Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands)

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Ku Promotions Presents

Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands)
with the Samba Blisstas

Friday April 20th A & I Hall Bangalow

Doors open 7.30 for Show at 8pm
Tickets $20 at the door only
Delicious Food and Drink available.

The hit of the Queensland Music Festival last year! The nine member Narasirato pan pipers have astounded audiences worldwide with their unique mix of powerful and haunting traditional Are’ Are’ pan pipe music and high energy contemporary music. All music is played while performing intricate dance choreographies in their bare traditional custom dress.

The Narasirato Pan Pipers are subsistence farmers and fishermen. This Culture House Tour 2007 is aimed at raising the money needed to construct a house of culture in their village. The Narasirato feature unique bamboo instruments along with soaring vocals and exquisite island harmonies.



Sat 21 Apr Indooroopilly - Debi Prasad Chakraborty (sitar)

Posted on behalf of Bengali Society of Queensland...

Indian Musical Evening
to celebrate
Bengali New Year – 1414
(Organised by Bengali Society of Queensland-www.bsqonline.org)

Venue : Indooroopilly State School (PRIMARY), Moggill Road (entry via Russell Terrace)
Time : 6.30 PM for 7.00 PM start on 21st April ’07 (Free Car Parking available at Venue)
Programme Schedule:
6.15 pm - 6.45 pm : Snack foods and soft drinks available for sale
7.00 pm – 7:15 pm : Songs welcoming Nababarsha (Bengali New Year)
7:15 pm – 8:00 pm : Sitar Recital by Pt. Debi Prasad Chatterjee( visiting from India)
Tabla accompaniment – Dheeraj Shrestha
8:00 pm – 8:15 pm : Tea break (Free Tea / Coffee)
8:15pm – 9:15 pm : Sitar by Pt. Debi Prasad Chatterjee
9:15 pm : Dinner- Vegetarian and Non vegetarian food will be on sale

Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee is a distinguished name among Indian musicians as an outstanding Sitarist and a highly regarded teacher of Indian Classical Music. Since 1965 he received training from famous Late Pt.Nikhil Banerjee for 20 years - also trained extensively under Smt. Annapurna Devi. Since 1986, he became the disciple of World Famous Maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Since years he has been successfully performing in major Music Concerts all over India and abroad including Dover Lane Music Conference, North America Bengali Conference(NABC), National Programme of Music at All India Radio & Doordarshan, etc. He has played in numerous concerts across U.S.A., Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France, Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, etc. to propagate Indian Classical Music in the western World. Pt. Chatterjee has performed at major festivals around the world like the Inter Cultural School of Music in Venice, Lowell Folk Festival in USA, Arts Festival in Canada, etc. as well as major venues across the world. We are thankful to Pt. Chatterjee for his voluntary performance.

Tickets:( Limited Seats)
Single : $ 15 (Children below 12: Free)

Ticket: Ram Choudhury on : 3720 0046
Dhananjoy Bose on : 3863 2540
Sushanta Debroy on : 3272 6412


Sat 21 Apr Kin Kin - Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Is)

Posted on behalf of Linsey Pollak...

Don't Miss This!!!!!!

From the Solomon Islands
Presenting their extraordinary Are’ Are’ music and dance.
Playing the final concert of their Australian tour in Kin Kin.

at "The Bamboo Circle"
a unique outdoor performance space
1193 Pomona - Kin Kin Rd, Kin Kin.
(1/2 km on Pomona side of Kin Kin.....look for the Red Flag)

Sat April 21st, 7pm
$20 & $15 (kids FREE)....tickets at the venue only...(plenty of room)
(All money raised will go to build a Cultural House in their village).

bring something to sit on and a picnic!
Phone 5485 4343 for more info or if unsure of weather conditions.

• 9 musicians will present a performance of traditional and contemporary music, played whilst dancing intricate choreographies
• exquisite island vocals and harmonies,
• playing unique bamboo instruments including pan pipes, thong o phones, drums, percussion, stomping tubes, conch shells
• costume is traditional Are' Are' dress
• the musicians live a traditional lifestyle amidst a rainforest, in one of the more remote locations in the Solomon Islands, Pacific Ocean
• the group is an international festivals act, who have toured to Canada, New Zealand, England, Taipai and Australia

They are an extraordinary group of musician/dancers, who always end up 'the talk of the Festival' wherever they perform.

Also performing Kin Kin's own 20 piece marimba band "KKarimba"

This will be an amazing night.....tell all your friends