Fri 27 Apr Bangalow - Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islanders) - Repeat Show!!!

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Ku Promotions announcing an EXTRA show for

Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islanders)

This show will raise funds to help those affected by the Recent Solomon Island Earthquake and Tsunami.

New date Friday April 27th

A & I Hall Bangalow

Doors open 7.00 for Show at 7.30pm

Tix at the door only

Tix $20 /$15, children under 12 $10, under 6 Free Pls bring a cushion 4 them

Delicious curry, snax and drinks.. Coffee Oasis

Last Friday night 400+ people, experienced a truly traditional Pacific Island performance by a group, that are the best from that region, that You will ever see!!!!

This is a beautiful story to touch the hearts of our community.

The Narasirato Pan Pipers are subsistence farmers and fishermen. They live on one of the most remote islands within the Solomon Islands, at the end of a mangrove swamp on the southern end of Malaita Island.

They are one of the few tribes who haven't succumbed to selling their logging rights to the Malaysian Govt.

Because of their determination to retain autonomy from the government, they have embarked on a Culture House Tour with the aim of raising the money needed to construct a house of culture for their village. Between this worthwhile cause and their world class show this will be a must-see performance for all the family to enjoy.

This tour will also feature the release of their first CD “Cry of the Ancestors”, a seventeen track CD featuring the best of their expansive music repertoire.

The track My Culture is my Life has just gone to no 1 in the ABC Asia/Pacific charts!! The young singer on this track is undoubtedly a star!

The nine member Narasirato pan pipers have astounded audiences worldwide. They present a mix of powerful and haunting traditional Are’ Are’ pan pipe Playing with elaborate islander dance and costumes. They even pay tribute to their love of reggae in some of the songs.

The Narasirato feature unique bamboo instruments including thong-o-phones, stomping tubes, pan pipes, and megga bass pipes, along with soaring vocals and exquisite island harmonies. All music is played while performing intricate dance choreographies in their bare traditional custom dress.

They were the hit of the Queensland Music Festival last year and they have also performed at festivals in England, Taipai, New Zealand, and Canada. www.narasirato.com

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ku promotions ph: 66 847 921 Mob: 0412 140 320

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