Fri 20 Apr Bangalow - Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands)

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Ku Promotions Presents

Narasirato Pan Pipers (Solomon Islands)
with the Samba Blisstas

Friday April 20th A & I Hall Bangalow

Doors open 7.30 for Show at 8pm
Tickets $20 at the door only
Delicious Food and Drink available.

The hit of the Queensland Music Festival last year! The nine member Narasirato pan pipers have astounded audiences worldwide with their unique mix of powerful and haunting traditional Are’ Are’ pan pipe music and high energy contemporary music. All music is played while performing intricate dance choreographies in their bare traditional custom dress.

The Narasirato Pan Pipers are subsistence farmers and fishermen. This Culture House Tour 2007 is aimed at raising the money needed to construct a house of culture in their village. The Narasirato feature unique bamboo instruments along with soaring vocals and exquisite island harmonies.


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