Apr 28/29 West End - Drum Making Workshop

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Drum making workshop

The motivation for offering drum making workshops is to provide the opportunity for people to put their own energy into creating their drum. By making one’s own drum with one’s own hands a strong connection is developed. The process also works to empower the budding drumming to maintain their drum, keeping it in tune and in good condition.

In truth to call this “drum-making” is slightly inaccurate, in that the drum shells offered by Talkin’ the Drum are carved in Africa, in the West African countries Mali, Ivory Coast and Ghana. Therefore it is in fact ‘drum skinning’ that is offered. The carving of a log into a drum shell is a more involved process and the drum shells from Africa are of the ideal type of timber and carved by hands that have mastered the process over countless generations. I select these shells from 100’s and hand pick them for sound quality. The drums vary in size and quality, depending upon their origin.

One concern many people have is that by doing it yourself the drum may not be made to the same standard as if constructed by a professional. However, I have developed a step-by-step process that ensures a professional outcome every time, helping each drum reach its potential. Only the best materials are used and no short cuts taken.

Below is a list of drum types and their costs. These costs cover all materials and personal instruction in the making of African djembe drums.

Malian (top of the range) = $600
Ivory Coast = $500
Ghanian = $450
Medium sized Ghanian = $400.

Availability of shells is limited and it is therefore necessary to register interest asap.

The dates for the workshop are April 28th OR 29th AND May 12th OR 13th.

For further information contact Elliott – 0407 372 554.

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