Sun 7 Jan Ipswich - Blessings from the Buddha for the Dawning of Year 2007

Posted on behalf of Yoga Studio Nada...

With the courtesy of Srilankan Buddhist Temple Yoga Studio Nada has arranged the Evening of Devotion Celebrating for the Beginning of New Year 2007 and passing over the meritorious deeds throughout the last year.
Everyone is warmly welcome to part take in this occasion

The proceedings are as follows

Please arrive at 18:30
Arrival of Monks at 7pm
Short talk about event by the Monks
Short guided Meditation
Piritra Chanting for blessing by the Noble Triple Gem (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)
Cup of Tea and informal discussion with Monks
Departure of Monks at 21:00

Please let us know how to arrange your sitting accommodation
Bring a plate of fruit dried or fresh to share
Monks do not eat food or drink milk after 7pm

Sandra Kovac (Jyoti)
Coordinator of Yoga Studio Nada
H: (07) 33899 334
W: 041101 5991

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