THIS WEEK Maleny, Brisbane, Mullumbimby: Prof Ritwik Sanyal (Dhrupad vocal)

Hi folks,

One final reminder about our very special concerts this weekend with Dhrupad exponent, Prof Ritwik Sanyal. Tomorrow night at the "Encounters: India" Festival we are opening 
"The Ensemble" concert, followed by khayal singer Shubha Mudgal, her husband, tabla master Aneesh Pradhan (aka Bobby Singh's tabla guru), and Carnatic percussion group Shruthi Laya Ensemble. 

Prof Sanyal's performances thus far have been some of the most popular items at the Encounters Festival, however they have been very short. I really recommend coming to one of our full-length Dhrupad concerts: in Maleny on Friday 17th, a morning workshop and concert in Oxley on Sunday 19th, and a sunset concert in a beautiful home near Mullumbimby also on Sunday 19th. The tour flier is attached below.
Dhrupad is the oldest form of North Indian Classical Music, and is very meditative and serene compared to modern Indian Classical Music. According to Prof Sanyal-ji,  "Dhrupad is not a specific genre with its peculiarities but an universal representation of sound a beautiful and endless journey to eternity. In the process we enjoy the sound of life and grow every moment both existentially and spiritually. It is a prayer for the universe for the well-being of mankind…. Let us all get absorbed and take part in this never ending journey into the realm of sound…."
We hope to see you at one of these very special events. Please email me at shen@ethnosuperlounge.com for bookings.

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