Sat 19 May West End - Pulse feat. Mohamed Bangoura, Yeshe, Spankinhide

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19th May, Saturday
Pulse – World Music


Mohamed Bangoura
Master drummer and kora player (21 stringed harp) from Guinea, West Africa. Mohamed needs to be seen to be believed. The power and relaxed complexity of this man's musical ability on kora and particularly on djembe is of international standard. His ability to connect with his audience in such a warm and inclusive style is remarkable. You will be blown away!!

Brisbane's own rocking African rhythm ensemble. There is no doubt, this is dance music of the finest order. Spankinhide will dedicate themselves to your dancing pleasure and will be joined by Mohamed for an awesome climax to a fantastic night of sweet and sexy music.

Performing on mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano) and voice, Yeshe performs with a deep sense of purpose and soul, bringing the ancient music of the Shona people into a contemporary Australian meaningfullness. Yeshe is joined by members of Spankinhide in creating a rich and multi-layered soundscape that is enjoyed both in stillness and dance.

The addage "the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" is clearly demonstrated in Zormiwasa, the student groups of Josie and Elliott. Drumming en-masse carries a power and sense of community found nowhere else, and these students have been working for some time on building a groove that will have you smiling (and hopefully dancing!). Josie's dancers, excited and energetic, will impress upon you the beauty of human movement, African style.

for Pulse regulars please note that this Pulse is not happening at Souths but instead is taking place at Ahimsa House, 26 Horan St. West End.
Doors open 7.30pm Entry is $15 and $12 conc.
Refreshments available.

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