Sat Mar 11 Sunnybank - Carnatic Classical Grand Vocal Concert

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Dear Music Lover,

Swara Mohini Inc. is pleased to announce its first grand vocal concert of 2006. It is a special concert featuring the compositions of one of the most respected trinity composers: Sri Shyama Shastri.

Carnatic Classical Grand Vocal Concert featuring
The Compositions of Sri Shyama Shastri

Sri Shyama Shastri...

Born 26th April 1762 Died 6th February 1827

He was like Goddess Kamakshi's own child. Sri Shyama Shastri's fame as a musician spread widely. Rasikas of music recognised in him a complete musician who combined in his art the three vital limbs of Raga (melody), Bhava (Emotion) and Laya (Rhythm) as a composite whole. His piety, religiosity and spiritual stature were reflected in his personality which evoked respect and reverence in those who came into contact with him. Shyama Shastri was a person of handsome countenance. His mien exuded charm and grace. With the outward religious marks of devotion sparkling on his forehead, and possessing a majestic physical frame and a regal gait, he was the very picture of dignity and nobility. Though unostentatious, he dressed well, adorned appropriate jewellery and was fond of chewing betel, all of which added to his charismatic personality. The citizens of Tanjavur were in awe of him and the culturally conscious among them venerated him as a Maha Purusha.

Shyama Shastri predicted his own end. He passed away, fully conscious till the end, with his son chanting hymns into his ears. The end came on 6th February 1827. His wife had predeceased him by six days.

Vocal Artiste - Smt. Rajyashree Josyer Shrikanth
TV and AIR Graded Artiste

Violin Accompaniment -
Sri Murali Kumar
Internationally Acclaimed Australia's Leading Violin Player

Mridangam Accompaniment - Sri Sridhar Chari
Australia's Premiere Layavaadya (Percussion) Artiste


Saturday, 11th March 2006

Start 05:45 pm Finish by 09:15 pm
Artistes Report to the venue 04:45 pm
Doors open at 05:20 pm
Be seated by 05:30 pm
Sunnybank Community Hall
Cnr. Lister and Gager Streets

(Adequate car parking available)
Admission by Donation
To cover the cost of this event, we solicit donations.
Donations can be made at the gate.

Family Pass $20 (Swara Mohini Members $10)
Admits 2 Adults + 2 Children

Single Pass $10 (Swara Mohini Members $5)
This is a rare opportunity to listen to Sri Shyama Shastri's compositions rendered by a highly talented vocal artiste and elegantly supported by accomplished accompanying artistes. We look forward to seeing you all in big numbers. Please let your friends and colleagues know about this significant musical event of the year.

Swara Mohini Inc. would like to express its sincere gratitude to Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government's GCB Fund for their part funding and facility assistance to make this event possible.


Anant Bellary
Saturday, 11 February 2006

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