Feb 16-18 Crystal Waters - Drum & Dance Camp

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Drum and Dance camp at Crystal Waters, Sunshine Coast hinterland

Basic details:
Friday 16th to Sunday 18th February at Crystal Waters which is located just before Connondale on the way from Maleny. The camp includes 4 drumming classes with me (Elliott) and 4 dance classes with Josie. Classes are one and a half hours long. All levels are welcome, great food by Vanessa of Tulsi Foods, swimming spot, camping or dorm's in a lush campsite, relaxing/jamming by night. We've kept it as inexpensive as possible – the whole camp including drum and dance, food and camping is $225 and to do either drum or dance is $195.

Give us a buzz if you'd like to chat about it.

Elliott 0407 372 554 or Josie 0400 762 522

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