Fri 23 Mar Maleny - Peru the Singing Woman

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Peru the Singing Woman
Friday 23rd March
Maleny Community Centre
730pm $15 + b/f
All ticketing and enquiries: 0438 945 766 www.earth.net.au

It is just over twelve months since her last standing room only performance in Maleny and it still rates among many, as the musical highlight of the year. It was truly an amazing display of talent and a performance that left all who attended entranced by the power of the music of Native American Indian origins.

Peru holds a deep love of creation and opens the voice and the whole body to The Earth Spirit through sacred and ancient women’s chants; breathing and singing into a deep state of union with the Earth. Layers of ancient chants sung in "the mother tongue" - the original language once spoken by all the Earth.

This music touches your mind, opens your heart and feeds your spirit. Songs and chants beautifully sung for the people, for creation and for the earth

Peru will play her only Queensland Show in Maleny on Friday 23rd March 2007 at the Maleny Community Centre 730pm. $15+b/f
All ticketing and enquiries: www.earth.net.au
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