Fri 2 Jun Byron - Subway Bhaktis

Posted on behalf of Subway Bhaktis...

Bhakti - Sanskrit for ‘devotion’. The practice of devotion to the divine augments the physical and mental forms of yoga, and is a celebration of the diversity of creation.

The Subway Bhaktis (Byron locals Ishta yoga teacher Rachel Zinman & BE Magazine Publisher and BayFM presenter Nyck Jeanes) are LAUNCHING their first music CD SITA RAM.

A mix of of uplifting, inspiring songs and chants in English and Sanskrit, with modern grooves and beats in a variety of styles, featuring performances by top local and international musicians. hing

Friday June 2nd @ 7.30 pm
Byron Community Centre Theatre
Tickets $20

There will be live performance of tracks and a subway themed event, complete with buskers, beggars, sadhus and others wandering through the theatre!

Rachel and Nyck have just returned from Germany, Switzerland and Japan where Rachel taught yoga and they offered Kirtans, selling every CD they took with them.

Check out samples at www.inspirational-music.net ......and you can order the CD online.

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