Sat 29 Jul West End - Pulse feat. Yeshe

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Based in Byron Bay, and a World CitiZen in every way, Yeshe brings to Pulse his own flavour of Zimbabwe’s mbira music. Soundroots Canada has this to say: “Yeshe's half whispered vocals and liquid mbira dzavadzimu create an intimacy that makes you want to lean into the music".
- featuring Shen on tabla

If you’re looking for a dance, look no further. Quite possibly the most danceable music on the planet, the West African rhythms of Spankinhide are both relentless and toight!

There’s something very exciting about watching a big mob of smiling people performing African rhythms and dance. Zormiwasa, a Hausa word for “come play music” brings a strong sense of community spirit and in these cooler Brisbane months breaks the ice in spectacular style!

Presented by Talkin' the Drum

Sat 29th July
Doors open 7pm
$15/$12 conc.
Fine food and bar available.
@ the Drum, Souths Leagues Club, Jane St. Davies Park West End.

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