Fri 7 Oct Byron - Balawan & Batuan Gamelan

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Get ready for a unique and inspiring night of exciting world music not to be missed. Direct from Bali...

Balawan & Batuan

An electrifying fusion of Balinese Gamelan with contemporary grooves.

Friday October 7th, Bangalow A & I Hall

Doors open 7pm for Indonesian food by Juki

Show at 8pm

Tickets $25/$20 are going on sale Monday 5th September from: Barebones Artspace, Bangalow 6687 1393, Mullumbimby Book Shop 6684 1413, Way Out East, Ballina +booking fee (+BF) 6686 8111,

All Music and Vision, Lismore (+BF) 66 22 5399,

Music @ Byron, Byron Bay (+BF) 66 857611 OR $30 at the door

The music that Balawan and Batuan Gamelan plays brilliantly combines Balinese gamelan with modern jazz influences. The Balinese style is fast and intricate in terms of its rhythmic complexity and features repeated notes. Using this traditional style they add contemporary western instrumentation to develop songs about Balinese life which reflect a successful fusion of East and West.

All members of Batawan and Baluan Gamelan play a selection of traditional instruments, including reong (rows of gongs), suling (bamboo flutes), rindik (bamboo xylophone), genggong (bamboo jaw’s harp), kendang (hand drum) and cengceng (cymbals) as well as keyboard and electric guitar and bass.

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