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BEMAC Cultivart Series 2006 Presents

FRIDAY 8 SEPTEMBER 2006 - 8.00pm

BEMAC Venue, Yungaba, 120 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Experience the evolving expression of African music

Powerful sounds of thundering drums and vibrant dance moves are just some of the things to expect in this BEMAC Cultivart event ‘Africanissimo’ to be held this 8th of September at Yungaba, Kangaroo Point.

With astonishing African youth performances presented through the Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC) Cultivart Series, the Friday night event will feature a fusion of traditional and contemporary acts from a variety of African regions including Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Sudan.

Acholi Women and Youth Bwola Dancers will present traditional Sudanese Laraka and Bwola dances ultimately depicting an idyllic African community gathering, while the Nigusse sisters show how Ethiopians eclectically jive to the rhythm of Bahil (tradition) dances and Afro-hip hop music.

Story-telling rap group F-Squad will instigate further festivity as they bring hip hop back to its roots of peace, unity, freedom, and hope – important values still direly needed in today’s society.

Topping it all off with an integration project, the Kwatamaja Dance Squad will emotively impart the story of the historically-oppressed Congolese people’s ongoing struggle through rhythmic beats and electrifying dance.

Overall, Africanissimo endeavors to express, influence, and portray the African way of life through mediums of sight, rhythm, and sound.

Tickets are sold at $16 full price – concession and BEMAC member discounts available. For bookings, phone BEMAC on (07) 33914433.

Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre is a non-profit organisation working to promote and develop cultural diversity through and within the arts.

For more information please contact: Ana Barassi, Arts Development Coordinator, 3391 4433 / 0400 135 597, arts@bemac.org.au

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