Sat 30 Sep Byron - The Magic Hour (Indian dance)

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THE MAGIC HOUR is two extraordinary classical Indian dancers at the Byron Bay Community Centre Theatre on Sat 30th September 7pm.

The male dancer ARJUN RAINA will use Kathakali, a classical dance theatre with elaborate make-up and costume. This form comes from traditions of dancing deities whose roots go back to traditions of trance and possession. In this modern form Arjun uses episodes from Shakespeare’s Othello and A Midsummer Nights Dream to create fantastic dance theatre. He uses hand gestures (mudras) to enact words and to convey feelings through formalized 9 basic emotions.

It is the most spectacular of India’s 6 classical dance forms.

MONICA SINGH runs an Art and Healing Centre in Delhi where students are trained in Classical Arts. She will perform the ancient dance style of Orissi which was originally performed by Maharis or temple dancers. Its themes are from the love story of Lord Krishna and Radha, celebrated in the famous poem Gita Govinda by the poet Jaya Deva.

Both artists are revered world wide.

Tickets are $27.20 / $22.20 conc and $12.20 children under 12. Available from the Centre. 66 855 659

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