Sat 30 Sep Maleny - Peru the Singing Woman Women’s Ecstatic Healing Chants Workshop

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The Art of Mother Earth proudly presents:-

Peru the Singing Woman Women’s Ecstatic Healing Chants Workshop. $50.00

Saturday 30 September WorldView Centre, Maleny Montville Road, Maleny 630pm - 1000pm

Workshop for Women -

This workshop is to teach women to open the voice and the whole body to The Earth Spirit through sacred and ancient women’s chants; to breathe and sing into a deep state of union or love making with The Earth. Peru is a New Zealand based Performer/Teacher. Although originally trained in Jazz her deep commitment and apprenticing a native elder, brought her into the songs of the mother and opened her to the voice of the earth.

No previous singing experience required.

Reservations are essential:- Telephone: 0754 999 579 or Email maleny@tpg.com.au

Please pass onto any likeminded friends who you think would appreciate an evening with this very talented woman.

Peruquois Frances has a talent for singing. It was this talent that would take her to the forefront of the Sydney Jazz scene.
Yet she became weary of singing about the struggles and sadness of the human spirit and wanted to heal the people's pain instead of just singing about it.

She then met her teacher, a traditional Native American Elder John Twobirds who taught her to awaken her ancestral memory and the ancient ways of earth singing and chanting. She studied and travelled the world with him for 10 years

New Mexico became a spiritual home for her because it was there she truly learned to listen to the song of the land. The "Vision Quest" ceremony in the Apache mountains led her to deepen her connection with the earth mother and source her sound, resonance and chants.

She was shown the importance music plays in bringing people together, for entertainment, but also for healing and as a vital part in the rituals and ceremonies. Keeping alive the history and stories of the earth and humanity.

Peru holds a deep love of creation and opens the voice and the whole body to The Earth Spirit through sacred and ancient women’s chants; breathing and singing into a deep state of union with the Earth. Layers of ancient chants sung in "the mother tongue" - the original language once spoken by all the Earth.

This music touches your mind, opens your heart and feeds your spirit. Songs and chants beautifully sung for the people, for creation and for the earth

Kind regards

Daniel Wilson
The Art of Mother Earth ( Aust)
Artist and Event Management
P O Box 997
Maleny QLD 4552
T: 0754 999 579
M: 0438 945 766
E: motherearthevents@tpg.com.au

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