Sat 26 Aug Kin Kin - Jambezi + twenty sets

Posted on behalf of Linsey Pollak...

Jambezi + twenty sets

Saturday August 26th, 7.30pm
Kin Kin Hall, Main Rd, Kin Kin.
Tickets: $15 & $10

“Jambezi” - a high energy 8 piece marimba band playing Zimbabwean inspired music that is guaranteed to get you dancing.
Jambezi's sense of joy is underpinned by an incisive rhythmic cohesion. Jambezi features 6 Marimbas played by Fatima, Robin Clayfield, Jo Jensen, Steve Pead , Gizelle Lovas, Adrienne Bail and Di Mills, combined with driving rhythms from Mark Paltridge on drum kit.

“twenty sets” - Linsey Pollak & Jess Ainsworth play dance grooves on WX5 (windsynth & live looping) and SPD20 (digital drumkit)
- from slow funk to fast Balkan bent rhythms.

“KKarimba” - Kin Kin’s own marimba band

Food and drinks available from 7pm.
Tickets at the door. For further info contact: 5485 4343

Don't miss this night of infectious Dance Music!


Daffy said...

hey! where is it? how can i get there by public transportation? at what time its start & can i buy the tickets there or i should buy them before?

Shen said...

From the info in the flier I'd say it's at Kin Kin Hall, Main Rd, Kin Kin and starts at 7.30
I would guess you get the tickets at the door.
Not sure about public transport - getting to Kin Kin would be a good start.
For enquiries about this gig please click on the Linsey Pollak link at the top of the posting...

Yvonne James said...

Five of us travelled from Kenilworth for your party (it was far more than just a concert or performance)at Kin Kin on Saturday night.

What a wonderful experience for us who are all of 'Grey Nomad' age. We danced and smiled the night away.

Now we want to have a marimba workshop and build our own instruments for us to start a band of our own at Kenilworth.

If you or any other marimba band want to come and do a 'demo' at our art festival, Kenilworth Celebrates! on 23 or 24 September we would welcome you with open arms.

Keep up the good work and helping put smiles on people's faces.

Shen said...

Yvonne, I have forwarded your comments to Linsey and Fatima, but I would recommend contacting them directly yourself too.
Linsey - linsey@spiderweb.com.au
Fatima - fatiland@bigpond.net.au