Thu 21 Sep daytime Bris - Brisbane Sings for Peace (Tenzin, Russian Choir...)

Posted on behalf of BEMAC...

‘Brisbane Sings for Peace’ is a day to commemorate the International Day of Peace.
An extended World Music concert to commemorate this important day, featuring some of Brisbane’s most loved performers. Performers include Margret RoadKnight, Tenzin Choegyal, Samotsvety Russian Choir, The Esplanados and Mirna Nehme, with very special guest artist, Kev Carmody.

Performers – groups. Programme……
Margaret Road Night – compere
Anje – backstage
Free event
September 21, 2006
City Hall main auditorium, Brisbane
12.30 – 2.00pm (people leaving around 1.30pm)
Possibility of MRN – get audience to sing along (1.30 – 2.00)


Kath Lloyd-Besson said...

Hi Shen, think your wires have been crossed re the line up for the Brisbane Sings For Peace Concert....the performers will be Margret Roadknight, Kev Carmody, The Esplanados, Mirna Nehme, The Samotsvety Russian Choir and Tenzin Choegyal. You've also listed the Hottentots and Stringmansassy....they won't be playing at this concert, but at future Bemac lunchtime concerts. May Peace Prevail, Kath Lloyd-Besson (The Esplanados)

Shen said...

OK, Thanks Kath.
Yeah, I just copied the email from BEMAC, which wasn't clear on that at all.