Sep 23-24 - Lothlorien Tour

Posted on behalf of Lothlorien...

Great Celtic world fusion band Lothlorien are up from Melbourne this week!

1> Dragonfly Rising Spirit festival at Crystal Waters QLD on Sat 23rd September.

We hope to see you there with bells on.. Our show starts on Sunset Sat night but there's heaps going on through the Weekend. Check it out, especially if you've not been there before. http://www.ecologicalsolutions.com.au/crystalwaters/ That evening we're raising money for the orphans of Tibet, a night called OUR WORLD OUR CHILDREN. Dinner and show is $30, otherwise its $15, kids free.

Crystal Waters Community Cafe
Crystal Waters Eco Village
65 Kilcoy Lane via The Maleny and Kenilworth Road
Ticketing & Enquires: Kylie Bell ph 5494 4650.

We're also working with healer Amanda Roberts in her body symphony healing workshop @ 4pm Saturday 23rd before the concert and hope that those interested in healing the body via vibration might join us. INTERESTED?? then email Amanda on arkana_777@yahoo.com.au

Dr Emoto, http://www.hado.net/index2.html the guy taking the photos of crystallized water has demonstrated that the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne has the cleanest water in Australia. We call our tour 'Lothlorien plays to the spring water tour'

We're in Brisbane @
2> THE VALLEY MALL on Sunday 24th SEPTEMBER @ 11am till 2pm

And that night we're also playing Northern NSW @
3> THE A&I Society Hall Bangalow Sunday 24th September
with the OPTIMYSTICS, a great local Byron band. It's a DANCING NEW MOON SPRING GATHERING. Show starts @ 6pm after the bungalow markets drumming circle and its $12/$15 at the door.

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